Blossom Girls Academy.

The blossom girls academy is a mentoring platform for girls between the ages of 5- 15 years old. The program provides young girls with one on one mentoring, skill and capacity building, enrichment opportunities and internship. Participants are screened and carefully matched based on their interest, aspiration and expectations. Mentees and Mentors commit to regular meetings and touch points over a 3 Months period that runs concurrently with the academic school year. The Blossom Girls Academy's goal is to inspire girls

  • Discover : Helping girls discover their passion, because passion builds confidence, helping young people discover and work in their area of strength would make them highly functional and effective in their adult years.
  • Explore : The academy helps and encourages young girls to explore their ability, skills and talent.
  • Develop : We believe with the right environment and guidance, these girls can harness their creative ability into building effective and innovative solutions to the needs of people in their communitie

Practical and fun activities ignite a new interest in STEM subjects for some and provide a platform for others to extend their learning

The peer to peer support allows young girls explore their creativity and innovations, Develop social skills. And encouraging them to take ownership of their learning and provide leadership for other students. Check out our list of awesome events to find something that suits you, get involved

  • Engineer the Future.
  • Design The Future.
  • Save The Future.
  • Program The Future.

Participate in numerous events and competitions hosted all year round!

Do you have a competitive spirit? maybe you have a creative talent you want to show the world?. Bloom Innovation offers you that platform to test your creative capability and also get to compete with other girls. Check out our competition to have fun and win amazing prizes.

  • Girls Can do Maths Challange.
  • Bloom STEM Club Week.
  • Design Thinking Challange.

Bloom offers professional advices to organizations with regards to how they use state-of-art technologies to improve business profitability, some of our ICT consultancy services include.

  • Design and Development: We offer a full range of creative services from branding, graphics to UI/UX design. We are also experts in mobile and web software development.
  • Training and Support: Bloom provides training and support for the deployment and maintenance of our solutions to its customers.
  • Software and Infrastructure Services: We provide Cloud-based solutions that can be accessed over the internet so that our customers can focus on running their business while we maintain the Infrastructures